Colt45 and HartSong's Cattle

Earlier this  summer, Jenna Baxter(The Jenna Baxter Studio) and Josie Woody, a skater for Sacramento’s Sacred City Roller Derby Team who skates under the name Colt45, hooked up with HartSong’s wonderfully friendly cattle and got together on the east side of the property for a photo shoot.  You see Jenna, has a contract with the Sacred City Roller Derby Team and she is on a mission to capture photographs of all the team skaters in settings that depict that which each skater is passionate about.  Colt45 has been a VEGAN since her mid-teens and she wanted her photo to represent the love, respect and concerns she has for animals.  Following a bit of time to set up all the lighting and Colt45’s wardrobe change, we opened the gate to the pasture next to the old barn and allowed the cattle in to graze.  As expected, the cattle behaved beautifully and by the end of the session, Colt45 was comfortable enough in the presence of these huge, gentle creatures, to lie down on the pasture grasses while the cattle “munched” all around her.  It truly was a “magical” experience for all.  Our thanks to Jenna Baxter for sharing your beautiful photographs, to Colt45 for sharing our beliefs about kinder lifestyle choices and last but not least, to the sanctuary cattle, who every day, touch someone’s heart with their gentle, kind ways.

P.S.  Take a good long look at the muscular frame on Colt45… impressive, to say the least.  Proof, indeed, that anyone can be a powerhouse of muscle and brawn without the consumption of animal products.  Plant proteins ROCK!!!