Dusty Divider's and Dandy
2 Dusty Divider’s and 33 year old Dandy

The Dusty Divider’s 4-H Club paid a visit to HartSong on Saturday, January 31st, volunteering their time to help us out with some of the never ending project’s around the ranch.  How cool is that!!!  I’m certain a great day was had by all, even tho most of the time was spent moving “something” from one spot to another.  Armed with manure and pitch forks,  the Dusty Divider’s spent the morning hours moving poop…a whole bunch of poop…from numerous pastures surrounding the old barn, all the way back to the manure pile(10 cows and 9 horses create an awful lot of patties and apples!!!).  Ahhh!!!…such is life amongst the animals.  Then, off to move “a whole bunch of big rocks” piled up by the caretakers cabin, all the way down to the dam on the south side of the pond.  Hard work makes for big appetites…finally, lunch time!  Then…you guessed it!  Off to move “a whole bunch of downed branches” from the west side of the pond all the way over to the burn pile.  Ahhh!!!…ranch life. 

The day was also filled with laughter and lots of giggles.  Some of HartSong’s residents had an adventurous time, as well.  Chickita, the blind chicken, Lacey, the blind goat and her brother Nigel, all joined us on the east side of the property.  Chickita(she’s one smart chicken) hitched a ride on the shoulders of Brandon Biersteker while Lacey and Nigel followed along. 

The Biale family, however, provided the animal highlight of the day. 

Showgirl Chickens~ZaZa & Obama

They brought along and introduced us to ZaZa and Obama, Showgirl Chickens, which are crosses between Silkes and Naked Necks.  These very special chicks have black skin, featherless necks and five toes(most chickens have 4 toes).  Incredibly cute!  I want one…maybe two…OK, maybe three!

I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty...
“I’m so pretty, I’m so pretty…”

Around 3 o’clock, we started to wrap things up for the day and said our good-byes to the Dusty Divider’s.  What a great group of hard working, young people.  Lily, Rachael, Natalia, Simone and all the parents…thank you for giving so generously of yourselves to HartSong.  How wonderfully rewarding to spend the day in the presence of young people that make such a difference in their community.  Awesome Job!!!

Homeward bound!

Chickita Cruisin’

At days’ end, Nigel, Lacey and sweet Chickita somehow managed to finagle a ride in the truck back to the west barn.  Chickita made the entire trip roosted on the doorframe of Big Blue…and some people think animals are stupid…go figure!!!