Chickita on the manure cart
Chickita-one “COOL” chicken

Chickita is a 1 1/2 year old Bantam chicken, blind since the day she cracked herself out of her shell.  She was saved by a kind woman living with a family that raised a few chickens.  She happened to notice one particular chick having a rough time of it, so she scooped her up to have a good look.  Sure enough, this little chick was blind.  For the next year, this kind woman cared for “Baby Girl”.  Then one day, she found out she had to move back to San Diego.  What was she going to do with a one year old blind chicken?

We live in a small community and word got around about a blind chicken needing a home.  We thought about it for a while and eventually said, “Why Not a Blind Chicken”!  A couple of days later, “Baby Girl” was delivered to HartSong.  We christened her “Chickita”.

Never in my life did I think I would care for a blind chicken, let alone have to figure one out.  She is not inclined to roam the barnyard so we move her around a lot during the day.  She has her favorite spots; the sunny Oak tree in the morning; the barn gate, where she perches and often visits with Dandy; the manure cart(her fav) and the barn floor, which is always abundant with droppings of horse chow.  It’s quite a treat to watch her scratchin’ around in the barn, just being a chicken.  We’ve had Chickita for almost 6 months now and like all the other animals here at the sanctuary, she shows us everyday how much she enjoys life.  She is such a sweet little bird.  Everyone adores her.

Chickita hangin' out with Dandy & a friend

Chickita hangin’ out with Dandy & a friend