One day while out running errands, Kathy ran across an acquaintance who mentioned that if we ever came across a purebred German Shepherd in need of a home, to let him know. Kathy told him that just a few days earlier she had received an email about a German Shepherd named Luna who was languishing in a very high-kill shelter in east LA. Luna had medical issues – she was not using her right rear leg, three of her four foot pads had been burned off and she had severe burns on her belly, most likely from being chained and forced to live on hot concrete. Despite these challenges, the man agreed to adopt her.

Kathy then called the shelter to find out if Luna was still available for adoption, and she was but she only had three days before she was scheduled to be euthanized! Now, all we had to do was to find someone in the LA area to help “spring” Luna with only three days to do it. Kathy called the shelter requesting a “stay of execution” for Luna, informing them that an adoptive family had been found. Emphatically they stated “NO!”. She asked if they could at least guarantee that Luna would remain at the shelter for the next 3 days as her new adoptive family was willing to make the 9 hour drive to LA and adopt her directly from the shelter. Emphatically they stated “No, we will not hold any animal!”. “What if we overnight the dollar amount required to adopt Luna – will you hold her for us?” Again, “NO!”

Perplexed, Kathy reached out via Social Media. Two days passed with no response and then we received an email from a complete stranger in Redondo Beach, California who stated only this: “I’ll go and get Luna”! Kathy called her immediately, worked out all the details and by 3PM the afternoon of June 30th, Luna was free and in the safe, loving arms of an angel named Julie.

Luna stayed with Julie for the next two days and during that time we arranged transport for Luna by hitching a ride on the Best Friends Animal Transport caravan with 50 other dogs heading for the northern California area the evening of July 2nd. We met the transport carrier at the In & Out Burger off Interstate 5 in Sacramento at midnight. Such joy I felt when the driver, Gayle, opened the rear door and there, right in front of us, was Luna. She was scared, filthy and stressed yet so happy to finally be released from the crate she had been confined in for 9 hours. We all said our hello’s to Luna… lots of hugs and gentle words and shortly thereafter, Luna left with her new family back to Greenwood.

Two days later, I received a call from Luna’s new owner with the news that he didn’t want her anymore. One hour later, we brought Luna home to HartSong.

We’ve had Luna in our care since July 4th, 2012. Each day with her is magical, to say the least. Watching Luna, a former “city” dog, “discover” country life has been nothing short of fascinating. Never before had she experienced fresh water…never before had she crossed a foot bridge…never before had she seen a cow, a horse, a chicken or a pig. But as each day goes by, she becomes more at ease in her new surroundings and far less fearful of trees, bushes and strange noises in the night.

Who would have thought that a thrown away dog pulled from a high-kill shelter in east LA would be the one to remind us every day that it’s the simple things in life that bring forth the most happiness and joy.