Sweet Gilly was attacked by an unknown predator on Labor Day. When we found her, she was near dead, covered in blood and floating aimlessly in the pond. We immediately rushed her to the vet where she spent the next 3 days. Gilly’s attack resulted in what is termed a “de-gloving” injury. Generally de-gloving injuries remove one layer of skin but in Gilly’s case, every layer of skin was ripped off, leaving her entire neck muscle exposed. Gilly’s only hope of surviving such a horrendous injury depends upon whether or not she has the ability to re-grow skin over the exposed neck muscle. Her last vet visit revealed what looked to be a bit of granulated tissue developing over the neck muscle so we are optimistic and hopeful that she might well be able to survive this injury.

At the moment, Gilly has taken up residency in HartSong’s office. She now has a large penned in area where she is “supposed” to stay but we’re finding out that keeping her confined is easier said than done. When she’s lonely, she somehow manages to find a way out of her enclosure…waddles her way around the office, climbs the 4 steps leading into the dining room and then waddles right into the living room where she hangs out while we eat dinner or veg out in front of the TV. We’re finding out that living with a goose in the house is very “messy”, very “loud” but also, very enjoyable. Whatever it takes to keep her happy and get her back to a healthy state, we shall do. Please include her in your prayers and wish her a speedy recovery. She is one “very special” goose and in need of a miracle.