Equine Assisted Psychotherapy…

The Equine Experience helps with:

  • Improving Relationships for Individuals, Couples & Families
  • Life Skills for Kids & Teens
  • Team Building for Organizations
  • 1st Responder /Trauma program
  • The Equine Experience

The Equine Experience at HartSong Ranch is also excellent for team & morale building within companies and sales organizations as activities with horses can serve as metaphors for leadership, communication and decision-making .

I am the Co-Facilitator of “The Equine Experience,” at HartSong Ranch, a ground-breaking experiential approach to growth and learning using horses as a catalyst for change. Each session is facilitated by a dynamic team (the horses, an equine specialist, and a psychotherapist).

Our programs use the EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model, code of ethics and safety techniques. Our model allows the clients to gain their own insight and conclusions from working directly with the horses. Our experiential activities allow client’s the opportunity to overcome fears, anxiety, depression, addictions, process emotional traumas, and learn invaluable life skills which will transcend all areas of life.

About Michaela

Psychotherapist, Photo Journalist, Author, Mommy, Wife of an Ocean Angler

on paper

Award winning author, licensed psychotherapist and Managing Editor of the Georgetown Gazette (owned and operated by the Mountain Democrat -California’s oldest newspaper- a division of McNaughton Newspapers). Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism Communications, and a Master’s of Arts in Psychology.

the real me

Down to Earth, honest & full of laughter. I live in Northern California with my husband and our son, Tucker. We have a full house including fish, chickens, two dogs; a retired racing Greyhound (Rio), and a Golden Retriever (Dennis), and a rescue cat named (Moonshine) Stilly. We are an organic family working towards self-sustainability.

I draw inspiration from my hometown in the Sierra Nevada’s and have a passion for traveling around the world (16 countries & counting). I have a great love of the ocean and everything in it, especially crab with a side of drawn butter. I rarely find myself without an activity whether it be hiking, yoga, tinkering in my garden, golfing, reading or spending time outside. In my most simplest I love poetic quotes and all things metaphysical.

For more information, please visit her site at michaelarenee.com

At Hartsong Ranch, every life matters....