Grace came to live at the sanctuary in 2007. Her owners could no longer afford to board/feed her and to make matters worse; she was horribly injured, deeply depressed and emotionally broken. A registered Quarter Horse/Paint, she is exceptionally beautiful and muscled to the max. Purchased by a grandfather for his granddaughter, Grace received excellent care and flourished from the attentions of the granddaughter. She devoted herself to Grace – trained her in the Hunter/Jumper equine discipline and developed an unbreakable bond with her but soon, when the granddaughter turned 13, her focus moved from Grace to boys and volleyball – leaving Grace lonely, betrayed and forgotten.

For the next two years, Grace was confined to a box stall. Her loneliness soon lead to dangerous, destructive behaviors – chronic kicking in her stall and biting at those who passed by her enclosure. The injuries to her hind legs (torn tendons and ligaments from repeated bouts of concussive kicking) left her lame and hardly able to walk. Now unable to sell, her destiny was the auction room floor. No one there would have laid down a penny on a horse with such horrific injuries EXCEPT a kill buyer – purchased for the price of her meat. The writing was on the wall – she was headed for slaughter.

When HartSong heard of Grace’s dilemma, we first needed to find out if her injuries were treatable. In that time was of the essence, we quickly arranged for a veterinarian to evaluate her injuries and determine whether or not Grace could someday recover from her injuries. She gave us a “thumbs up” but said it would be an arduous journey – perhaps taking as long as 8 months to get her back to a healthy state. We decided we were up for the challenge.

Once completely recovered from her injuries, Grace spent the following 6 years battling her emotional scars. To put it mildly, she was a demon – constantly picking fights with the other sanctuary horses – destroying fences – difficult to handle and downright angry with the world UNTIL, a young lady by the name of Mary came to volunteer at HartSong in 2014. Mary LOVES all horses but she was especially attracted to Grace – she loved the frame of her head, her highly muscled body and in Mary’s eyes, Grace was the horse of her dreams. It soon became obvious to anyone fortunate enough to view them together that Mary had a very special way with Grace – she was patient, understood her issues and soon made it her mission to mend her fractured emotional state. In just a few months, the transformation in Grace was truly unbelievable.

In November of 2014, Mary informed us that she would like to adopt Grace and so, in late December, Grace left the sanctuary grounds to begin her new life with Mary.

I had my doubts that Grace would ever be adopted for who in their right mind would want to adopt an out-of-control horse like Grace?  And then – along came Mary! Was it worth the journey and all the difficulties? You betcha! Would I ever take on another horse like Grace? In a heartbeat!!!



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