Ashley & Barnaby…

The (above) photo of Ashley and Barnaby graced HartSong’s 2015 Holiday card. In that space was limited, I wasn’t able to provide much detail about these two beautiful creatures so I would like to take a moment to elaborate more about their situation and how they came to live within the gates of HartSong Ranch.

Ashley is a ten year old, blind Barbados Ewe. The first ten years of her life, she lived a solitary life – never enjoying the company of other farm animals BUT, she received excellent care and was adored by her owner. Unfortunately, as the years went by, Ashley lost her sight due to advanced cataracts. Her old stomping ground – a sloped pasture that contained many large rocks and boulders soon became a hazard for her to navigate. Her owner, concerned about Ashley’s welfare, called to ask if HartSong might welcome her as a sanctuary resident. Of course, we said YES!


Initially, Ashley was very perplexed in her new surroundings. She spent approximately 3 weeks learning to navigate her new enclosure. I must admit, it was gut-wrenching to witness her bump into the fences or collide with a tree but thankfully, while learning her way around, she moved slowly and with caution. Fortunately, she never suffered any injuries but most certainly, her pride was damaged.

Then, along came Barnaby – a very old Barbados Ram delivered to HartSong late one night after he had been hit by a car on a local roadway. His right side seemed to be the point of impact as he had a severe limp on both his front and back legs but fortunately, he was still able to stand. Never before had I seen such a beat up, scraggly looking, old sheep like Barnaby. He was definitely in need of someone to properly care for him.


We posted word on social media sites, hopeful that the owner might come forward but sadly, no one came to claim him. So, just like that, HartSong had another resident.

Barnaby too, was initially quite leery in his new surroundings but he soon befriended another of his own kind – a sweet, beautiful Barbados Ewe named Ashley!

Oddly, Ashley was not afraid of Barnaby and soon, where one went, the other followed. Today, they are inseparable. When Ashley decides it is time to move from here to there, faithful Barnaby, limps along behind her. They especially enjoy lying together in the sun – side by side – sharing their meals and YES, they even bed down for the night together! Love is in the air…

I must admit, we did have our concerns about these two love birds because Barnaby, you see, is an intact male. Yes, he is very old and perhaps too old to make his move but we do know that he THINKS about it!!! His sweet ways with Ashley are indeed magical to behold.

How wonderful that these two lost souls found their way to HartSong. I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason and obviously, one finding the other – was written in the stars and meant to be!



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