Lovely Zoe – a dear of a deer – she loved all creatures

HartSong partners with many wildlife rescue organizations and is honored to be acknowledged as a “soft release” zone for wild creatures in need of a safe, peaceful place to gently find their way back into nature.

Zoe came to us from Kindred Spirits Fawn Rescue. Now a yearling, she had been in the care of KSFR for about 8 months and once completely recovered from her head injury, she was released on to the grounds of HartSong.

Shortly after Zoe arrived, however, she began to have seizures. They were mild seizures initially but as she grew, they became more and more violent – to the point where she began to hurt herself. Many anti-seizure medications were prescribed but still, the seizures continued. Our vets informed us if they couldn’t find a way to control the seizures, she would either die from the seizure itself or from the injuries incurred from having a massive Grand Mall episode.

Sadly, Zoe was discovered early on morning suffering from the latter. Sometime during the night, she experienced a massive seizure and collided with something so forcefully, that she split her lower jaw in two – perforated her nasal cavity and broke her nose. So, with heavy hearts, we all whispered our final, special messages to Zoe and within a few seconds, she quietly – and peacefully – slipped away. She was approximately 3 years old.

Zoe was the third “soft release” deer welcomed to HartSong but Zoe, unlike the others, had no desire whatsoever to hook up with other deer and eventually go along her merry way. Instead, she loved to race through the barnyard – frolic with the horses and play with her best buds, the goats. It was an absolute joy to care for her – the dear-est deer ever to bless our lives.

Rest in Peace, sweet Zoe.


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