Chickita is a 1½ year old chicken, blind since the day she cracked herself out of her shell.  Removed from the coup at a young age and hand raised by a kind woman in Garden Valley, Chickita’s up bringing didn’t give her much of a notion as to how to be a chicken.  She is, however, a sweet bird.  She loves people, loves attention and often carries on lengthy conversations while being admired.  Everyone who meets her, adores her.  Especially children.  They are so taken with her calm nature.  Since her arrival at HartSong 8 months ago, Chickita has spent most of her time perched, passing the daylight hours grooming herself, eating and sleeping, but never straying, never exploring.  Not usual chicken behavior….what to do?


We operate on a buddy system here at HartSong.  Every animal has a special friend.  It was time to find Chickita a buddy.  Word got around and come to find out, there are lots of folks living in these foothills that are very much into chickens.  We received so many calls, talked with some of the nicest folks and conducted quite a few trial runs in our barnyard, but to no avail.  Then one day, along came Flour, a beautiful 4 month old Leg Horn chicken.  She was hand selected by our dear friend and sanctuary supporter, Peter Biersteker.  Peter himself raises chickens and after much consideration and no doubt, observation, decided to pick Flour because “she had a kind way about her”.  We were anxious to give her a try.


We have enjoyed the pleasures of Flour for almost four weeks.  It would be a stretch to say that Flour and Chickita are best of friends.  They are not.  But they are buddies, they have a relationship, they hang out together and quite remarkably, Flour has brought out the chicken in Chickita.  Chickita now spends her days a’scratchin and a’peckin like any other chicken.  She struts around, takes dust bathes and just the other day, I caught glimpse of her pulling up a worm from the manure pile.  Way to go, Chickita!!!


Best of all…Christmas morning, we opened up Chickita’s coup and right there in front of us, nestled in the straw, a gift for all…one, beautiful, perfect egg.

Merry Christmas, Love Chickita

                                 …the little blind chicken that could