Make a Donation

HartSong Ranch is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. 

100% of donations go to the care of the sanctuary animals, the pups of the UnderDOG Railroad and future rescue efforts.


HartSong Ranch is a magical place for animals – many with disabilities or special needs that require more than the average amount of care and funds. Your monthly sponsorship ensures these special animals will always have a “forever home”, good food, top-notch healthcare and a warm, soft place to sleep…

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Our Wish List of Must Haves!

We are ALWAYS in need the following items. Thank you for your support!


  • Quality Alfalfa, Grass Hay
  • Purina Equine Senior
  • Nutritional Supplements (Red Cell, Joint Care Supplements, Vitamins, etc.)
  • Shavings – Mini Flake (Bedding)
  • Fly spray(Piranha – oil based)
  • Fly masks(all sizes)
  • Winter Blankets (waterproof)
  • Tack (Lead ropes, halters)
  • Brushes/Grooming Tools
  • Calm Coat Detangler/ Grooming spray
  • Horse treats
  • Carrots, apples, peaches



  • Cow hay(without mold please)
  • Cattle wormers
  • Fly Spray, Walk Under Fly tarps
  • Rolled Corn with Molasses
  • Carrots, apples, bananas
  • Horse Treats

Small Farm Animal Needs

  • Shavings Mini Flake
  • Chicken Scratch
  • Flock Raiser
  • Goat Chow
  • Rolled Corn
  • Canned Corn – Large
  • Wild Game bird Chow
  • Pig Food – Elder Pig
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Fly Traps
  • Feed bowls, water troughs
  • Hoses(extra long), nozzles, hose repair kits
  • Stall mats
  • Muck carts, wheelbarrows
  • Muck forks(non breakable)
  • Brooms
  • Carrots, apples, bananas, grapes, lettuce


Facility/Sanctuary maintenance – Animal Care

  • ATV with roof and cart
  • 3/4-1 Ton Truck for Hauling Horse Trailer
  • Cattle panels
  • Construction Materials
  • Fencing Supplies (peeler cores, 5’ no-climb fencing, Come Along)
  • Gates – all sizes
  • Fans – extra large for barn use
  • Manure spreader
  • 2-3 Stall Horse Trailer (Slant load)

Or if you prefer, mail your donation to:

HartSong Ranch Animal Sanctuary
3900 Blue Heron Way
Greenwood, CA 95635

Donations can also be made at any Wells Fargo branch to the
HartSong Ranch Donations account.

Please be assured that HartSong Ranch will never share or sell your proprietary information with any other individuals or organizations.

If interested in donating via Gift Certificate, please call Carolynne at Cool Feed and Ranch Supply, 530-887-0200 in Cool, CA.

At Hartsong Ranch, every life matters....