Meet Our Board


Kathy Hart, President


Kathy is both the President of HartSong Ranch and the general manager of both the nonprofit and HartSong’s 30-acre sanctuary.

Whatever situations comes up for either, she handles them or finds the resources to do so. Her first career was a “road musician” in a traveling band, but her lifelong love of animals showed up as she rescued dogs and cats even as the band traveled. After giving up the road life, she met Jim Hart, married, and together they bought the ranch. Their dream was to adopt horses to ride. Instead, they quickly became aware of the frequent cruelty to horses and farm animals and saw they could help—at least some of them—have good lives in their final years.

She now puts her energy into providing a safe, nourishing sanctuary for horses/farm animals, and supporting the HartSong Directors who run HartSong’s dog rescue programs.

Jim Hart, Fiscal Officer


In addition to his fiscal responsibilities, Jim takes responsibility for the upkeep of the ranch land and infrastructure; from weed management to plumbing problems to fixing fences—he takes it on.

In his youth, he was afraid of animals, which was exacerbated when he was bitten in the face by a family dog. But as an adult, he discovered a puppy in need of a home, fell in love, and with Kathy’s encouragement, gave the pup a home.

When Kathy and Jim bought the ranch and began to discover that many animals that needed sanctuary, and seeing that they could help, his heart was ready for what became the HartSong sanctuary program.

Carolynne Wright Knisley – Secretary


Carolynne is co-owner and manager of Cool Feed & Ranch Supply, which offers supplies for the care of large and small domestic animals. She has decades of experience with the operations and sustainability of local nonprofits.

She met the Harts as they were learning to care for their first rescues and fell in love with their vision. She was on the original board when HartSong received its nonprofit status. She puts on several fundraisers for HartSong every year.

Tiffany Eide, Director of Underdog Railroad


From a young age, Tiffany found great joy in matching a person who needed a dog with the right dog. One of her self-assigned matching projects led her to HartSong to meet a dog. Kathy Hart saw a perfect match for the then-open assignment of heading the Underdog Railroad.

Tiffany is a hairdresser by profession, and her work helps her make connections with potential foster “parents” and homes for rescued pups.

Sarah Machia, Director of Ethel’s Mission


Sarah has been involved with rescuing dogs her whole life. She has many dogs: four have special needs, including blindness. Sarah met Kathy Hart after reaching out to her about a dog at the shelter that was blind and 17 years old.  No other rescue organization would help with the adoption.

This particular dog, Ethel, touched Sarah deeply, and she didn’t want her to die alone in the shelter. Kathy recognized Sarah’s passion for caring for dogs in the last stage of their lives, and together they conceptualized and started Ethel’s Mission. Sarah runs this program, which pulls senior, ill or very handicapped dogs from shelters and places them in loving homes where they are cherished until their last breath.

Karen Warburton, Director of Educational Outreach


After receiving a Master’s degree in Biology, Karen has spent over 16 years working in education.

She found HartSong when she adopted the first of three dogs from them. After the adoption, she kept returning to HartSong, and began to bring other people to the ranch to see the animals and hear their stories.

Her love and understanding of animals, coupled with her knowledge of how to inculcate that understanding in other people, made her role as Director of Educational Outreach and Tours at HartSong a perfect fit.

Alexis Reynolds, Director


Alexis has been passionate about helping animals her entire life. Daily, she provides loving care to five special needs Boston Terriers (most in diapers).

Joining the HartSong board was a great fit for her because she is also driven to give a voice to the needs of all animals and helping to fill those needs.

She created the highly successful HairWars fundraiser for HartSong, using her contacts and expertise as a hairstylist for 18 years in the Roseville area.

Stephanie Root, Director of Fund Development


Stephanie comes to the HartSong board with decades of experience with all aspects of grants, including writing proposals, grant management and evaluation. Her nonprofit work includes chairing fundraisers and other events.

She was drawn to HartSong because of their dog rescue programs and has fostered two pups.

As their newest board member, she will work on fund development, especially grant opportunities.

At Hartsong Ranch, every life matters....